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The website is where you will post blogs. find readings that are not in the books i have assigned, or look at any other supplementary material discussed in class.

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  1. Frances says:

    Frances Fuster

    After reading Parable Of The Sower, by Octavia Butler I feel that it is current to the times. Perhaps it’s just that I’m as much of a pessimist as the character Lauren or perhaps it’s due to the realistic thinking that things must end badly in order for them to be plausible. Lauren is a person who wants to venture out beyond the confinements of the wall that her community is housed in. Within these perimeters she and her family are ultimately safe, but the looming threat of robbers is a constant danger that seems to dominate Lauren’s daily thoughts. While other people in her community seem to suppress or ignore such threats, Lauren chooses to make it the focal point of her daily life. This drives her to gather her own “grab-n-go” pack, if an emergency where to occur.
    What I find particularly odd about Lauren’s fixation on the possibility of her community being broken into and attacked, is that it almost feels like she wants this to happen so she can see the world beyond the walls. It’s a pretty pathetic excuse to want your safety to be belittled, but that’s exactly what needs to happen in order for the story to go anywhere. The main character’s safety has to be threatened and Lauren has to face her hyperempathy the hard way. Right now I can’t determine whether or not I actually like Lauren’s character, but I do enjoy the way she delivers information to the reader. The idea that she occasionally writes in a private journal, suggests that she is sharing her private and intimate thoughts with no one else but her journal. However, it would appear that we the readers, are the journal and she is in effect, not sharing her thoughts with her journal, but rather, with an entire audience. This violation of privacy is somewhat ironic, however, Lauren writes as though she is writing for an audience, so the question then arises as to whether Lauren wants her journal to be found, which further leads to the question as to whether Lauren thinks she is actually going to survive throughout the book.

  2. Michael Franceschetti says:

    Discrimination is a constant in American society. There have been many events where this has been present. Some of these are the Rodney King beating and also the Los Angeles riots of 1992. Rodney King was pulled over by the cops on March 3rd of 1991 and was severely beaten. The entire beating was captured on film and sent out for the world to see. There was a variety of opinions on the event. For the officers, they felt they did what they had to do since they felt Rodney might have been a threat to them while many others saw this as a racial insensitive event and that the officers involved should be put to justice. The police officers involved were indicted but many of the officers were let go since the judge, viewing the footage frame by frame, believed the cops were right (the case took place in a white suburban community). The idea that the judge went for the side that was clearly in the wrong was discriminant and uncalled for.
    This of course sparked the L.A. riots which in turn saw more discrimination unfold. The event triggered the black community in the area to acquire distaste for the cops so in response many cops were harmed during the riots. The riots also saw a great level of social unrest. Many of the people who rioted were just doing it so they could obtain any necessities they needed to survive. The police arrested a huge amount of people and they even went to even arrest those in the community who had done no wrong and were simply arrested out of blind suspicion. The news teams who covered this made the whole thing seem like a game show to people watching believe this was something anyone could get in on and win. It was without a doubt one of the most violent chapters in American history and also showed how racial differences could be escalated to violence. It really bothers me how society was nearly crippled just out of hate.

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