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  3. Michael Franceschetti says:

    journal entry #3

    From what I have seen so far in Paradise, there is a theme of the men knowing what is best and for the females to just go along with whatever they say. One instance in the first chapter is how the men judge how the women are sleeping. The women sleep in hammocks while the men sleep in beds. They find this abnormal from how the sleep which they see as normal. The men see this as something strange and wonder why they do this. Another instance of this very early on in the book is how the men perceive what goes on in a woman’s head. They wonder why the women may think of such terrible things like revolting sex, deceit and the sly torture of children. The men also see themselves as having a sense of superiority over the women as they take pleasure in killing the few. Because of this the women, tend to feel nervous about stepping outside of their homes fearing for their lives since they are prey.
    This concept of men being the ones better than the women goes back a long time throughout history. Darwin himself in his concept of Darwinism saw that men were more superior to women in regards that they were able to do more than women. Men could do all sorts of things like go to war and have a strong position in life while the females’ role was to only stay home and provide children for their family.

  4. Michael Franceschetti says:

    In Parable of the Sowers, the characters present in the story live in a world that is post-apocalyptic in a way. The group spends time walking along side highways and through the wilderness in search of some sort of help or something that is in anyway better than their old life inside their former walled burned down community. The world in which they are in is a failed society. The government always appears completely detached from civilians and it seems that they never are trying to help people like Lauren out. There is a loss of authority over people. The police are some of the most corrupted individuals in this world. They make almost no effort to help anyone out. They do not even seem to want to since they only want to get paid. Lauren’s group is not the only ones who are traveling like nomads. There are plenty of others doing the same thing as well. Considering the world they live in, Lauren’s policy originally is for her group to only care about themselves and to not bother with anyone else. A don’t trust policy is what she wants. But later on, she has a change of heart and sees that for the best chance of survival, her group needs to get much larger so they would have more eyes to watch for danger and to watch out for each other. As a result, a sense of trust is formed among them and together they go about their way to the edge of California.

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